Are You Ready To Buy Antminer F3? - Start Mining Ethereum With First Ever ASIC Miner!

See the Antminer F3 in action, hashing at over 1500 Mh/s (Nearly 50X 1070 cards worth, wow)

The unofficial Antminer F3, learn how to buy Antminer F3 to mine Ethereum!

Bitmain's Antminer F3 is the very first Antminer that mines using the EtHash algorithm utilized by Ethereum. The F3 has been a rumor, but then confirmed that it will be available to purchase starting Q2 or Q3 of 2018. The F3 Antminer has an estimated (not actual) hashing rate of 800-1500 Mh/s. This may change when actual figures are released from Bitmain and update this page when we receive any new information regarding this.

The current profitability of the Antminer F3 is around $800-3000/month according to our initial research on the hash rate and coin price. This will change depending on many factors.

The Antminer F3 is something many people expected from Bitmain, but nobody saw it coming this quick. Bitmain has taken the lead and forged ahead making miners for many top alt coins and Ethereum is next on the chopping block. Some say this is a good thing for EtHash and Ethereum, while others are not happy. GPU miners will probably be in the later group since the Antminer F3 will take out most of their profitability as the difficulty increases after people start buying the Antminer F3 and plugging them in. Gamers who have always wanted that perfect graphics card may now have a chance. For miners who buy ant miner f3, there might be some amazing profitability at first depending on the official hash rate released by Bitmain when the Antminer F3 specs are announced and the sale begins. Stay tuned for on for more details as they are released. Also keep up with us for Antminer f3 deals and tips on how you can save money when you buy antmuner f3 after it's released.

Bitmain is about to release one of the biggest GPU killers ever produced. It's called the Antminer F3. The Antminer F3 is a ASIC miner for EtHash and rumors are hinting at around 800+ Mh/s in hashing power. We will update actual results as they come in after people purchase the Antminer F3.

As new Antminer F3's are hooked up to the mining pools for EtHash, the difficulty will increase without fail which may render the F3 antminer less profitable than some may wish. However with that being said, the Antminer F3 has potential to be a very solid Antminer and one of the first ever to mine Ethereum with EtHash.

What's the price of the Antminer F3?

Most rumors are going around that the Antminer F3 will cost around $1800-3000 depending on the current coin price. Bitmain likes to push for the highest prices possible for their mining equipment and you can bet this antminer f3 isn't going to be cheap at first. Second batch f3's may run for around $1000-1500 after difficulty increases so much that the profitability has been reduced enough for Bitmain to stop being greedy. Only time will tell!

Before you start mining with the F3 Antminer, make SURE you get CoinBase & Binanace accounts setup!

Many other exchanges have closed causing a huge influx of users onto other exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. When you receive your F3 Antminer and start mining, you want to be ready to start trading currency. If you DON'T get an account now, you may not be able to later! Many exchanges are blocking new users - don't be the one left behind, sign up below!

Antminer F3 - FAQs & Help Center

How to buy Antminer F3?

To learn more about how you can safely buy the Antminer F3 for an affordable price without getting scammed, click on the button below.

What is the profitability of the Antminer F3?

The profitability for the Antminer F3 may be in the range of 500-800/month depending on the hash rate. If bitmain releases the F3 with over 1-2 Th/s power, we may see some huge profitability – we will update this site as more stats are confirmed.

How to start mining Ethereum?

Miners at this time are using GPU’s to mine on the Ethereum on the EtHash algorithm, however the antminer F3 will is a ASIC and will work the same way, however the ASIC chips will use much less power and will hash at a much higher rate.

What Is The Best EtHash Mining Pool

We’ve reviewed the best mining pools to use on the Antminer F3 and have the results on the page attached to this section. For more information, please follow the button below for our evaluation of the best EtHash pools for Ethereum using the F3 Antminer.

How to exchange my (ETH) Ethereum to Bitcoin?

You can exchange your EtHash for other digital currencies by simply exchanging it on one of the most popular exchanges. Make sure you have a Binance account as they will trade EtHash in the next coming months! Learn more about exchanging EtHash here.

How to convert my Ethereum into USD or other currencies?

If you’re wanting to convert you EtHash back into USD, or into Bitcoin or other digital currencies, you’ll need to first find an exchange that trades EtHash, We prefer waiting to have an account on Binance. Then you can trade your EtHash into USD via Coinbase. Learn more here

What is the best Ethereum Exchange?

You’ll need a reputable EtHash exchange to start mining EtHash and we’ve reviewed several EtHash exchanges to uncover the very best option. The newest exchange to feature EtHash will soon be Binance. Learn more about the best EtHash exchanges here.

How to setup Antminer F3?

Learn about how to setup your Antminer F3 device. Learn about how to power the 11 PCIE connections and much more here. Don’t forget anything important or you could end up breaking your newly purchased Antminer F3!

How to set up my wallet with Antminer F3?

Before you begin mining EtHash with the Antminer F3, you’ll want to ensure you have a proper wallet setup to accept the incoming EtHash which you’ve successfully mined. Learn more about how to get a EtHash wallet and connect to Antminer F3.

Ethereum Price Predictions

Price is a huge factor in the Antminer F3 profitability, In this section, we’ll attempt to give our reasoning on why EtHash could be the next largest investment opportunity in crypto. Learn more about our EtHash price prediction!

Antminer F3 miner vs. other GPU miners (Profitability & Comparison)

There are several ASIC mining devices available on the market and in this section, we’ll attempt to give a nonbiased comparison of the Antminer F3 miner vs. Obelisk SC1 miner.

The top 3 things to consider before buying Antminer F3 to mine Ethereum:

  • First off you want to make sure you can trust the place you are buying from. For first time buyers we suggest using eBay. eBay has buyer protection so if you don’t get the antminer, you can always file a claim to get your money back, however with buying from the official Bitmain store, you run the risk of getting scammed if for some reasons the customs agents don’t process your package. Also you have to worry about the customs tax as this will be added in addition to the other costs of shipping the miner from China and Bitmain’s headquarters.  We usually suggest eBay if you can get a good price which has been very easy lately.  Use Bitmain at your own risk.
  • Will the difficulty rise too much by the time I receive the miner? This is another incredibly important question all Antminer F3 buyers must ask themselves.  When Bitmain opens a new batch at a cheaper price, it comes at a price.  The price of the increased difficulty when those miners are actually received and in hand.  If you receive your miners in the second or third batch months later, you can expect your miner will be making a LOT less.  We recommend buying sooner from eBay or Amazon at a slightly increased price if you can receive it IMMEDIATELY.  Then you can start mining when the difficulty is low. For example, if you mine with the Antminer F3, you can earn around $1500/month-$2500/month.  If you buy an Antminer F3 for $3000-4000, it could pay for itself before the next batch arrives and becomes worthless.
  • Will the price of Ethereum rise? This question is often asked by speculators and to be honest, nobody will ever know the price predictions perfectly.  Were can only speculate based on hard facts. Ethereum does have some large infrastructure behind it and actual use. Ethereum and there uses on the blockchain which it has right now could create a solid future for the digital currency.  Those that mine ETH on the Antminer F3, could become rich from the increase in ETH price, however this is speculative and not 100% guaranteed at all. It ‘s a risk that you must take when purchasing a miner.