Bitmain Antminer F3 miner vs. Obelisk SC1 miner

Bitmain Antminer F3 miner vs. Obelisk SC1 miner (Profitability & Comparison Review) - Welcome to the unofficial Antminer F3 help & information site. On,
we'll teach you how to mine SC coin (Sia EtHash). We'll also teach you how to setup your Antminer F3 miner, set up a EtHash wallet, transfer your EtHash to another currency like BTC and other info!

Bitmain just released the most powerful and most advanced ASIC miner for the EtHash Algorithm. This Antminer F3 will mine EtHash (SC Sia Coin) at 815 GH/s±5%, or respectively 815,000 MH/s±5%.

The first Antminer F3 that hits the EtHash pool will be earning around $600-800IUSD/day. As difficulty rises, the earning potential will drop. Bitmain has sold around 20,000-30,000 Antminer F3 units which will cause a huge influx of the difficulty level for EtHash. This is a good thing for the EtHash network and those banking on its reality in the crypto market!

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Many other exchanges have closed causing a huge influx of users onto other exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. When you receive your F3 Antminer and start mining, you want to be ready to start trading currency. If you DON'T get an account now, you may not be able to later! Many exchanges are blocking new users - don't be the one left behind, sign up below!